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Our Goal

Our main goal is to provide high quality service that would exceed every customer’s expectation, maintain core values of business integrity, honesty, commitment and treating people with dignity and passion. It is our goal to mainly assist our clients and deliver the best service possible. We have committed to deliver unique and creative solutions for each of our clients. We will let you share your visions of what you think will be the best solution for your needs and then we will produce it. It is our mission to execute above your expectation level, and nothing less is good enough.

Pamerstone, Inc. is about quality service and this is what clients value most – and ultimately, what the business is all about. Improving our client’s bottom line by logistic planning and implementation of a program that is customized to their needs is our message to our prospective clients.

Human Resources

Pamerstone, Inc. is a service operation where people are the key resource. Human Resource (HR) strategies have been adopted to make sure that employees execute in a customer-focused manner. This is essential in a service operation where the level of service provided eventually reflects on customers’ perceptions of the quality of service provided by Pamerstone, Inc.

Our people are fundamental to our success. We employ only the most excellent professionals, with an established and proven track record of success in the industry. Our recruitment and screening practices guarantee that your business will be handled professionally each and every time. They are dedicated to serve you well. They actively search for people who are motivated and possess a keen desire to serve our customers.

Our human resource approach includes:

  • Extensive screening and testing for all candidates, as well as an in-depth interview procedure.
  • Our accounting and technical support staff must be updated with their respective fields and with government mandated rulings and law intended to ensure our customers get the best service from our company.
  • Our organization team coordinates with our staff daily to get better performance gaps, and to provide a constructive and supportive atmosphere.

Quality Assurance Plan

Pamerstone, Inc. relies heavily on analysis of statistical data. This could either be “real-time” through software applications or “recent data” through logging reports. The final output of quality assurance processes is quality improvement action designed to increase the effectiveness and efficiency in performance levels associated with each client project.

Each Department within Pamerstone, Inc. shall define their own plan to support the achievement of the related company quality objectives within their department. To guarantee business efficiency is monitored, Key Business Performance Indicators pertaining to Financial Performance shall be set by the Company and shall form part of the Quality Objectives defined above.

System downtime is detrimental in an operation that is highly dependent on technology. To ensure that downtime is minimal, back-up systems are in place for contingency purposes.


With its advance facility, it is possible to boost the quality of the service it provides. It consistently improves and provides speedy response to any needs that may occur. We use only the best and most consistent brands of equipment, may it be hardware or software to supply outstanding services to our clients.


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